Hooks Lands a Victory at Tyrrells

Hooks won his first Green jacket at Tyrrells Wood with a win on count back with 34 points.

Wally on the other hand hung onto the famous green jacket by conveniently forgetting to bring it to Tyrrells after his win at Pyecombe the previous month. Fines were paid for such a misdemeanour..

But such shenanigans didn’t stop us getting the jacket onto Brians frame for the records.. Well done Hooks and Wally owes you a drink!.

Puff came second on count back with 34 points and Chaos third with 31 points.. Justice was meated out to Adam – 30 points with a solid fourth place – Cut no Prize!..

Not on photographic record was Pete Gibbs strong application to join the International Confederation of Clowns (ICOC) with a solid 19 points… which was duly accepted… joining our first application in Feb, Oggie. However, he did manage to win the nearest the Pin comp as well! Well done Pete!

More places up for ICOC in April as we move on to West Surrey.