Since the start of the 2005 season, our handicap system uses exact and playing handicaps. Handicaps are adjusted after each meeting depending upon course standard scratch, players’ score and handicap category.

Recently, Damian Weber undertook a detailed analysis of our handicap system over the last 12 years ( since 2008).  The summary results show that members who are members of a golf club are far more likely to win  prizes at golf days and high handicapped members ( the majority of members) win more prizes than category 1 players.  

In January 2022, we reviewed the handicaps and adjusted members with formal World Handicap Index records so their TAGS handicap aligned to their club handicaps. This reflects a more realistic playing handicap where a member is putting in regular cards at their club.

Handicaps as at 1 June 2022, following the results at Betchworth in May 2022