The Allington Golf Society Constitution


The name of the golf society is The Allington Golf Society (hereafter called “the society”), otherwise known as TAGS.


The objective of the society is to provide a vehicle to maintain existing friendships formed outside the world of golf, and to encourage new friendships to form between society members previously unknown to one another.

Ruling Bodies

The society is bound by and agrees to be governed by the rules of golf and amateur status as laid down and from time to time regulated by both the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R & A) and the English Golf Union (EGU).

Committee Structure

The General Committee (hereafter called the committee) will normally comprise seven people, the Captain, the Vice-Captain, the Secretary, the Treasurer and three members. With the exception of the Captain who is selected by the immediate past Captain, and the Vice-Captain who is selected by the Captain, the committee will be elected from the membership by a vote made annually. The committee may vary in number but must always contain a majority of; past Allington Football Club members, or current members of the society with five years continuous membership of the society. In the event of a forced change to the committee, the committee will be at liberty to co-opt a member, or members of the society to the committee for the remainder of the committee’s elected life. 
The President is an appointment lasting a maximum of five years. The President shall be selected and appointed by a majority vote of the past Captains and past Presidents of the society, the current Captain to have a casting vote only. The President may attend any committee meetings ex-officio.
 The committee will appoint the members of the Handicapping Committee who will normally comprise 3 people, the Captain, the Secretary and one member. Members of the Handicapping Committee need not necessarily be on the committee. All competitions, run by the Handicapping Committee must conform with R & A rules, and handicapping.

Financial Accounting

There will be two signatories on the society bank account, the Treasurer and the Secretary. The Treasurer is responsible for accounting for each society day individually, and for preparation of the accounts for presentation to the Auditor by 31st  December each year. If possible the society auditor will be found from a qualified member of the society. The Auditor must present the society’s annual accounts to the committee prior to the AGM in January


The society’s AGM will be called by the committee during January each year.


The society may only be dissolved under the following circumstances:- an Extraordinary General Meeting of the society must be called and fully attended by the current committee, at this meeting a unanimous vote in favour of the motion “That the society should be discontinued and shall not be reformed” must be obtained. After dispersal of any society debts, all surplus funds will be donated to a charity or charities as chosen by the last elected committee.

Membership – Classification

Membership of the society is split into three classes:


Life Members and

Associate Members.

Life Members have their annual subscription waived.

The special conditions applied to Associate members are as follows:-

  • A new member cannot join the society as an Associate.
  • Associate members will pay a reduced annual subscription, as decided by the Committee.
  • Associate members may play in any golf day where numbers permit.
  • They are not eligible to play in the society’s Merit competition, knockout competitions, the TAGS Team Challenge, or win individual prizes at a golf day.
  • If numbers on a golf day are restricted, priority will be given to members (Full, Life or Associate in that order) over guests on a first come first serve basis.

Membership – Subscriptions

Membership of the society is regulated by the committee. To be considered for membership verbal application must be made to any society member, who will then notify a committee member of this application as soon as possible in writing.
Past members of The Allington Football Club have an automatic right to initial full membership.
Applications for membership from all others, will be considered by the committee.

All prospective members must first be introduced to all committee members before their application can be considered. Applicants will be on probation for three golf days and if no reasonable objections are made to the committee by existing members then the committee will consider the applicant for membership.
 The decision as to acceptance, reached only by a full meeting of the committee, will be final for the current year, and the applicant will be notified of the committee’s decision.

No reason for rejection will necessarily be given. Membership to the society by successful applicants will commence upon receipt of the annual subscription.

The annual subscription (as determined by the committee) which is paid in advance of the forthcoming season, is due on 1st November and payable by 30th November the same year. If payment is not received by this date, the society will cease communication with the member until payment is received. The society may terminate membership if payment is not received by 31st December in the same year. 
The committee may terminate membership at any time if it is felt that by continuing as a member, harm will be done to the good reputation that the society currently enjoys, or by continuing as a member the committee agrees that the objective of the society is not being met. A member may terminate his membership by offering his resignation in writing to anyone on the current committee. Once resignation has been accepted a former member must not present himself as a member of TAGS to any golfing institution.

Society Day Fees

All fees for society golf days will be notified to members and must be paid before the day. All outstanding amounts must be settled before the member attends another society golf day.

Handicap Structure

At the end of each October the Handicap Committee will meet and consider the handicap of each society member. Members will be notified of their handicap for the coming society year when the  annual subscription notice is issued.

New members will be notified of their society handicap when invited to join. Their initial society handicap will be decided in one of two ways:

(a)      If he is a member of a golf club then his club handicap will be used,

(b)      A handicap consistent with his level of play compared with existing society members will be given.

Handicaps will be adjusted using the system approved by the committee following each Merit round played.  Adjusted handicaps are effective the day following amendment. The Handicap Committee will consider applications for an increase in society handicap annually at the end of the season.
 The Handicap Committee may adjust the handicap of any member on general play if it is considered by them that his current handicap is unfair compared to the rest of the society.
 Handicaps used within the society are not notified to the home golf club of any member, and therefore have no impact or bearing on an official CONGU handicap. Under normal circumstances the maximum allowable handicap is 28. 
The Handicap Committee shall maintain a register of all competition scores which are to be available to any official golfing body upon request.


A number of competitions will be run by the society each year.  These will be approved by the committee and confirmed at the AGM each year. Annual competitions will include but not limited to:

The Merit Trophy

The TAGS Matchplay Championship

The TAGS Team Challenge

On Tour:        
The Paul Cook Memorial Trophy

Annual:          The Final Countdown

Annual:          The Basil High Christmas Family Golf Trophy

Rules for these competitions may be obtained separately.


All society members should behave in a courteous and convivial manner to each other and all members of host clubs whilst on the course and within their clubhouse. Never should we lose sight of the fact that we are their guests.

Dress Regulations

All members must be mindful of the standard of dress required by the society whilst on the premises of a golf day venue. This will usually entail wearing smart casual golf wear prior to playing in the morning and correct golf shoes, no jeans, T-shirts, or collarless shirts, whilst on the course. Once returning to the clubhouse, adherence to the clubs dress code in the clubhouse is required. Members persistently breaking this society dress code will be considered for expulsion from the society by the committee.


Members reported for inconsiderate or poor behaviour by a host club to the society face immediate expulsion from the society, subject to consideration by the committee of the reported facts. Any TAGS member may also report an incident which may reflect poorly on the society and the committee strongly recommends this be done.
 A society member who has been reported to the committee will be notified of the circumstance of the report in writing and will have seven days in which to respond to any allegation contained therein. The committee will consider any response in mitigation and may call the member to attend a committee hearing. The outcome of the committee decision will be notified to the member in writing within seven days of the hearing and will be final.

Changes To The Constitution

Changes to the constitution can only be made after a majority of full members have voted in favour of a change which must be presented either at the AGM or at a specially convened EGM. Any proposed change must be published to all full members at least 1 week in advance of such a meeting.

Jan 2020