Matchplay 2018

The original draw is here

2018 TAGS Matchplay Tables



The quarter finals for the 2018 Matchplay have been completed.
Micky and God sneaked past Target and Paynie on the Upper 18th.
The Lord and Damski had a tough game at WGC but eventually persevered over Benji and Wally.
Pitts and Dodge had a two venue 37 hole epic battle against Gibby and Dionne. The first 22 played at Goodwood before they ran out of light and the second 15 at WGC!
Gooders and Puff edged past Rookie and Ash 2 up.
Semi finals to be played before the end of September. Home draws for Micky & God  (Upper!) and Damski and Lord (Lower).
Good luck to all participants.