The Woolley Shield

The Woolley Shield is in fact a misnomer as there are two of them! This, you see is a foursomes competition sponsored by, Blair (ours not the country’s) and the lovely Belinda Woolley, who had the foresight to provide an identical trophy for each partner of the winning pair.

2004 Pat Ashby and Mark Jearum
2003 Mark Jearum and Jeremy Wootton
2002 Jez Coates and Simon Stoner
2001 Bob Albon and Peter Jupp
2000 Tony Harvey and Mike Smith
1999 Simon Stoner and Martin Wakeham
1998 Nigel Buckland and Ashley Jacobs
1997 Peter Jupp and Simon Warr
1996 Ian Cole and Howard Jones
1995 Peter Jupp and Dave Pritchard
1994 Ashley Jacobs and Stuart Leach
1993 Mark Jearum and Wayne Kenward
1992 Phil Bonetti and Paul Woolley