The Matchplay Competition

The 2019 Matchplay competition this year will be a singles matchplay event.  The draw and results can be found here

For 2018, we have a dedicated page for the Matchplay Competition.

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2016 Matchplay

latest info re Matchplay

Just to confirm that the quarter final draw was made at West Surrey yesterday.
The draw was as follows:
Babybel v Spanky
Chaos v Benji
Ash v Dodge
GG or Motty v Pritch
Please note that the first name drawn out has choice of venue and matches do
need to be played before the next golf day at Crowborough on Friday 26th August.

2015 Matchplay  This year we started with 32..

Message from the Organiser:
Afternoon Gents
Please find attached the Matchplay draw for round two of the 2015 competition which took place openly and with much incident at Cowdray. My apologies for the delay in getting this to you, however, please do not try and use this as an excuse for not having enough time to arrange to play your match. There will be no extensions.
Please note the following:-
  1. Matches to be played by due date or both players disqualified, unless you have tried to arrange and notified me of a reason why you cannot play.
  2. First drawn chooses venue and is responsible for arranging match.
  3. Full handicap difference to be used.
  4. If all square after 18, sudden death when a hole is won.
  5. Winner to email, phone or text result to me, where much gloating is allowed.
  6. In case of a dispute, the organiser’s decision is final.

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Final – Unfortunately the final could not be played before the Final Countdown due to injury of Harvs, who conceded a walkover to the Colonel

The competition was therefore won by The Colonel –  Well done !!!

Semi-Finals – to be played before 28th August

Puff V Colonel    –   Colonel 3 & 2

Harvs v Turkish –   Harvs

Third Round Draw – to be played by 22nd July

Micky J V Colonel   – Colonel on the 19th

Harvs V Rookie  – Harvs 5&4

3D V Puff  –  Puff 6&5

Del Boy V Turkish   –  Turkish 4&2

Results from the 2nd round:


Harvs     –    7&5

The Dodge

Turkish     –   3&1

3d    2&1


Micky J   2&1



Puff   2&1

Del Boy    2&1



Rookie   3&1

Colonel    4&3


First Round completed (well almost)  results below:

Smithy     –    Smithy 1 up

Blair    –      Blair 1 up


Turkish      –    Turkish 3 & 1

Motty      –     Motty 5 & 4

Hooks     –     Hooks W/O

German      – –   German 4 & 3

3D      –       3D 5 & 3

Harvs      –     Harvs 2 & 1

Micky J      –    MickyJ 3 & 1

Dionne      –    Dionne 4 & 3

Puff     –       Puff 2 & 1

The Dodge      –      The Dodge 4 & 3

Rookie      –       Rookie 6 & 5

The Colonel       –     The Colonel W/O

Oggie     –         Oggie 2 & 1

Matchplay cannot be played on a Merit Round, and the home draw chooses the venue – Green Fees shared.

Second Round Draw coming soon….!

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